Santa Rosa United families recover from fires

Recovery for our families

Santa Rosa United Fire Relief Update:

For SRU Soccer familes affected by fire loss and evacuation:


If you need a place to stay for a short time, we have several families in Marin county offering a temporary place to stay. Please call the number at the bottom of this page you are looking for a place to stay for a few days. We will investigate help with long term housing options...


If you can get to San Rafael, we have a clothing distribution area set up at club VP, Deena Bellman’s home. You can choose any items you need and we have storage bins for you to take the items with you.


We continue to gather financial resources and receive donations. Right now we have visa gift cards for every player who has lost their home. They are available for pick up at the Bellman house / distribution area.

Replacement Uniforms: Link to Forms 

We are collecting information for replacement uniforms through Kombat Soccer. We have blank forms for you to fill out at the Bellman house / distribution center or we can take information over the phone if you cannot make it to San Rafael. 

Cleats, shin guards, etc.: All Seasons Soccer in downtown Novato is offering 50% discount on cleats and gear to kids who have been displaced. (FA players can receive free cleats, Maria will help coordinate).

Deena Bellman
VP, Santa Rosa United Soccer Club

220 Deer Park Avenue
San Rafael, CA (near the Dominican University)


UPDATED: 10 October 2017 at 4:00pm


Thank you for your generous offers of support for the Santa Rosa United Soccer Community.  We continue to assess the needs for the families in our club who have been impacted by the fires.  We are very grateful for the outpouring of offers of support that we are receiving.  


At this time, we are asking for donations of all sizes of clothing, visa gift cards or monetary donations, clear rubbermaid-like storage containers for clothing.  If people are sharing space with friends, families or in a hotel, it makes it easy to find shirts, shorts socks and underwear...  Some families are still evacuating from the path of fires. We are trying to provide some basic assistance with clothing, money for gas, food, or even lodging if they can find it.  We cannot take donations of housewares at this time because of limited space: some families have been evacuated from their homes to hotels only to be evacuated a second time when fires spread.  


I live in San Rafael and am coordinating the Santa Rosa Soccer Club relief efforts from here.  Please send or drop off the clothing or visa gift cards to my home address.  I would ask that you send them to our club’s PO box, but I honestly don’t know if the post office is still standing... Update: post office and SRU Offices are still standing, but are still inaccessible and without electricity.  I have a 


Thank you all for your kindness and generosity.


Deena Bellman

VP, Santa Rosa United Soccer Club



For donation deliveries of clothing, toiletries and money or visa gift cards: 

220 Deer Park Avenue

San Rafael, CA 

(near the Dominican University in central San Rafael)